The Helicon mark symbolises a fictional planet from the Foundation Universe by Isaac Asimov. In the novels Helicon is the home planet of Hari Seldon, the man behind a statistical theory that predicts the future of humanity.


Our mark can be used without the wordmark in places where spelling out the company name is superfluous. It is ideal for use as an avatar on social media sites, for example.

Download marks (PNG + SVG)
Primary colors

Our primary colors ensure rapid recognition of the Helicon brand and are used consistently in digital and print design.

The colors were selected to represent the surface of the planet and the galaxy to which it belongs.

Helicon blue
Helicon dark blue
Helicon pink
Helicon yale blue
Secondary colors

The secondary brand colors act as a complimentary palette to the primary brand colors.

Helicon purple
Helicon sky blue
Helicon red
Helicon yellow
Helicon green

The neutrals are primarily used for text and ui elements of varying contrast.

Helicon dark blue
Helicon smoke
Helicon wolf grey
Helicon outer space
Helicon manatee
Helicon mist grey
Helicon pearl grey
Helicon cloud grey

You can blend brand colors when using them in graphics or ui elements such as buttons and icons. We recommended that you use colors that are close in value and hue for best on-brand effect.

#465afa ➞ #c369fa
Helicon blue to pink
#41affa ➞ #7d64fa
Helicon sky blue to purple
#c369fa ➞ #c369fa3
Helicon pink to sky blue
#7d64fa ➞ #c369fa
Helicon purple to pink
#c369fa ➞ #7d64fa
Helicon pink to purple

Our primary brand font is called Neue Montreal. It is a versatile Grotesque font with the spirit of a display font. Can be substituted with Helvetica (Neue) when required.