Highlighted projects
Intelligy is a consumer-facing application for monitoring and controlling indoor climate through data from sensors and substations in buildings.
Hitachi IdentiQ
Complete operational awareness with digital copies of substations, microgrids, and other Hitachi products.

Helicon is exceptionally talented at solving complex problems. Their ability to find clever solutions that are economically effective and sustainable for the long term is the best I have seen. We have been extremely satisfied with the work.

Eliot Freed
Senior Tactical Marketing Manager
Ericsson AB
Stockholm Exergi
A control system that automatically regulates demand in the existing district heating network to reliably improve heat distribution to buildings.
Our services
Data strategy

Based on our experience we perform a very hands-on data strategy work. Starting from a current state analysis, we help you to identify opportunities and create an actionable implementation and rollout strategy for data architecture and activities.


Data application development

We help our clients build line-of-business and end-user applications where data and analytics are at the core. These applications focus on value creation for the end-user rather than analytical support.


Data engineering

We build software that helps you collect, transform, and publish data. We integrate, manage and transform data to make it purposeful and relevant in the correct format, at the right time at the correct location. Often the solution is a cloud based data platform.


Data analytics

We create an analytics capability for our clients, including all of the business, compliance and technical change needed to make that happen. We figure out how and where analytics and data science can make front-line impact.


Helicon was an invaluable partner in getting our project off the ground and quickly getting us to a user-ready product. Leading the development, they worked closely with our team, helping us make better decisions and sharing knowledge.

Jeton Aliu
Technology Manager
Selected resources
When we partner up with a client to start a project, we regard it in almost every way as a startup.

This perspective infuses the entire operation — from prioritization to overall process. One of the first things you'll notice is that we always have the first prototype up and running within two weeks.