Senior front-end engineer

Senior front-end engineer

Helicon builds software for energy companies and startups with energy-related products (e.g ABB, Polarium, Stockholm Exergi). Our experienced software engineers and data scientists specialize in product development, data engineering, and cloud infrastructure.

A typical project includes some kind of data infrastructure (where we use tools like: Kubernetes, Airflow, PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, InfluxDB, Kafka), a machine learning component (typically built around Spark and Tensorflow), APIs and software to facilitate communication between services (e.g. Python, FastAPI, Django, Kafka, RabbitMQ), and UIs where end-users can operate the system and visualize data and analyses (e.g. React, ThreeJS, WebGL).

The front-end components of our systems vary from administration panels and analytical dashboards, to complex 3d-based digital twins.

About you

  • You’re super-passionate about code, technology, and user experience.
  • You’re empathetic about – and understand the needs of – the customer.
  • You enjoy discovering, defining, and solving problems.
  • You’re excited to learn and eager to teach.
  • You make pragmatic scoping decisions and are able to explain why the team is
    doing something a certain way.
  • You work with your team to tackle technical challenges and to level up in the
  • You can theorize and think in abstractions, but understand the importance of
    getting things done.
  • You strike a balance between moving fast and creating scalable and
    maintainable solutions.


  • 7+ years experience with HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • You know the ins and outs of React.
  • You write high quality code that is easy to read, understand, and test.
  • Strong understanding of git and version control in general.
  • You’ve spent many hours thinking about the best way to manage state in
    front-end applications.
  • Strong opinions on how to best connect applications with external APIs.
  • Fundamental understanding of application profiling and performance
  • Ability to build applications that are fed large amounts of data but remain
    highly responsive.
  • Leadership experience and strong communication skills.

Bonus qualifications

  • WebGL, related libraries, and 3d-programming in general.
  • An eye for design and knowledge of current design trends and UX best
  • Understanding of data visualization methods and information communication.

Work description

  • Create and maintain React component libraries, data visualization components,
    and application frameworks.
  • Provide mentoring and push the team forward in terms of front-end development
  • Rapidly and precisely plan and execute front-end application development
  • Perform positive code reviews and provide meaningful feedback.
  • Build and lead front-end development teams and initiatives.

Please submit your application to christoffer@helicon.ai.

Life at Helicon
Our success depends on autonomy

We hire self-motivated people and trust them to do the right things. Our belief is that autonomy improves learning, increases the velocity we deliver software and is a key driver for happiness in the workplace.

A simpler work and life

People have a life outside work, with families, friends, and commitments. To make it easier to juggle, everyone has six weeks of vacation, flexible working hours, and a hybrid work model.

Working among friends

Helicon is a fast-growing team of friendly, helpful, and smart people. While we're growing fast, we maintain a casual, small business work environment that allows everyone to have a say in the company's direction.

Voracious Learners

No matter who you ask at Helicon, we all share a love for learning new things and sharing that knowledge with others. If you ask a question on Slack, it will not take you long to get a stream of answers. When you join our team, choose one of our four knowledge guilds, get a mentor and do our Helicon hell program if you’re up for it.