Data engineering

We build software that helps you collect, transform, and publish data. We integrate, manage and transform data to make it purposeful and relevant in the correct format, at the right time at the correct location. The solution is often a cloud-based data platform and integrates data to it. I.e., integrate on-premise system data securely and efficiently, collect data from IoT devices and sensors, create and manage ETL jobs on top of data, build data marts, data catalogs, and APIs.

  • Integrations software and protocols (e.g. OPC, MQTT, HTTP, SFTP solutions)
  • Cloud platforms (Azure, AWS and Google Cloud)
  • Streaming data software (Kafka, Spark etc)
  • Data storage and database management (Postgres, MSSQL, Oracle)
  • Data pipeline development
  • SysOps, DevOps, MLOps and DataOps
  • Data pipeline development
  • Snowflake