Senior back-end engineer

Senior back-end engineer

Helicon builds software for energy companies and startups with energy-related products (e.g ABB, Polarium, Stockholm Exergi). Our experienced software engineers and data scientists specialize in product development, data engineering, and cloud infrastructure.

A typical project includes some kind of data infrastructure (where we use tools like: Kubernetes, Airflow, PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, InfluxDB, Kafka), a machine learning component (typically built around Spark and Tensorflow), APIs and software to facilitate communication between services (e.g. Python, FastAPI, Django, Kafka, RabbitMQ), and UIs where end-users can operate the system and visualize data and analyses (e.g. React, ThreeJS, WebGL).

About you

  • You’re super-passionate about code and technology.
  • You’re fluent in, and know the ins and outs of, at-least one “back-end language” (preferably Python)
  • You enjoy discovering, defining, and solving problems.
  • You make pragmatic scoping decisions and are able to explain why the team is doing something a certain way.
  • You work with your team to tackle technical challenges and to level up in the process.
  • You can theorize and think in abstractions, but understand the importance of getting things done.
  • You strike a balance between moving fast and creating scalable and maintainable solutions.


  • 7+ years experience with a reasonably up-to-date back-end stack.
  • Experience with running deployments on AWS and/or Azure.
  • You write high quality code that is easy to read, understand, and test.
  • Strong understanding of Docker and Git.
  • Fundamental understanding of profiling and performance optimization.
  • Leadership experience and strong communication skills.

Bonus qualifications

  • Experience with one or more of the following tools that we use: Kubernetes, Spark, Airflow, Kafka, Timescale, Tensorflow, Keras.
  • Deep knowledge in Python.

Work description

  • Provide mentoring and push the team forward in terms of back-end development methodologies.
  • Rapidly and precisely plan and execute back-end application development projects.
  • Perform positive code reviews and provide meaningful feedback.
  • Build and lead back-end development teams and initiatives.

Please submit your application to christoffer@helicon.ai.

Life at Helicon
Our success depends on autonomy

We hire self-motivated people and trust them to do the right things. Our belief is that autonomy improves learning, increases the velocity we deliver software and is a key driver for happiness in the workplace.

A simpler work and life

People have a life outside work, with families, friends, and commitments. To make it easier to juggle, everyone has six weeks of vacation, flexible working hours, and decides to work remote, from the office, or something in between.

Working among friends

Helicon is a fast-growing team of friendly, helpful, and smart people. While we're growing fast, we maintain a casual, small business work environment that allows everyone to have a say in the company's direction.

Voracious Learners

No matter who you ask at Helicon, we all share a love for learning new things and sharing that knowledge with others. If you ask a question on Slack, it will not take you long to get a stream of answers. When you join our team, choose one of our four knowledge guilds, get a mentor and do our Helicon hell program if you’re up for it.

Consultant != Resource

Consultants are often regarded as resources that work out of the clients' facilities and can be used to tackle whatever tasks come their way. We're not that kind of consultants. We're a team, and we work together to solve our clients' hardest problems in the best possible way. We help define the requirements, design the solutions, and work closely with the clients to deliver in bi-weekly increments.